Cures For Addiction

There are far more people in this world that are addicted to something than is immediately clear but, as medical science progresses, an increasing number of one time addicts are finding ways to become addiction free again. One of the breakthroughs in medicine that helped in many cases of addiction was made in 2002 when the FDA allowed for subotex and suboxone to be prescribed by certain qualified doctors. Subotex is an ingredient found in buprenorphine and suboxone is one found in naloxone and both are addictive opioids. Opioids are an addictive substance that is responsible for many addicts and is the addictive property found in heroin and morphine. The reason why the FDA permitted certain qualified doctors to prescribe these addictive drugs was as a bridge from a more potent opioid that a patient may already be addicted to. Lists of qualified subutex doctors can easily found on the internet and by using the bridge drug that they are allowed to prescribe, you can reduce your addiction from an opioid that is very hard to free yourself from, to an opioid that is far more easily controlled as an addiction.

Without bridges such as these, total detox is a very long and difficult path but with a bridge that path can become shorter, easier and by being so, far easier to conquer. Although with any detox procedure the side effects of withdrawal can be uncomfortable, painful and even sometimes dangerous, the effects felt when a bridging agent is used, are reduced making it a far easier and less painful experience. Because of the severe side effects that can be experienced during detox, it is always essential that any procedure is, at least, monitored by a qualified doctor but it is probably even better if the detox procedure is completely carried out in one of the many specially equipped and staffed detox facilities available throughout the country. These detox facilities are usually places where many of the specialist doctors can be found and with their ability to prescribe, where deemed necessary, the addictive but bridging drugs needed for some of the more severe detox procedures, successful detoxification can be made much easier and less painful.

Although the use of these bridging agents makes detox easier, it is still without exception, an experience that can be difficult and once the bridging agents have taken their desired effect, patients are still required to free themselves from the bridging agents themselves however, detox from one of these drugs used as a bridging agent is far easier and often can be done in just a few short weeks. During those weeks most patients have experienced some side effects that have included mild vomiting, muscle twitching and restlessness but none of which have been too severe and also none of which have been unmanageable. When considering the absolute pain and discomfort experienced by patients that have detoxed without the use of a bridging drug, the advance made in 2002 was a great one in trying to free the country from addiction.