How To Join AFL for Women

Although the obvious answer that would help you join an AFL team for women would be to contact a team’s manager or recruiter for application, you have to do more than just that.

After all, you have to understand that not every person can be recruited as a part of a football team. Of course, owners of teams only want to go with players who can perform well during plays and those that are healthy.

They wouldn’t want to choose someone who would be a liability for them and are definitely interested in going for an individual who could prove that she can really assist during competitions and really score when opportunities would arise.

You could go to to have information about what coaches, managers and the likes are looking for in women for the AFL but there are some practical things that may help you improve your chances of being chosen as a football player.

For some of those that have certainly helped many ladies be accepted by football teams, please keep on reading.

Physical fitness is a requirement when it comes to playing football in the leagues. That’s because the objective of teams is to win and groups obviously want to have trustworthy individuals playing for them so that they would end up victorious. If you’re currently not physically fit then you should do something about your body. You ought to lose some of your fats or at least make your body weight normal based on your height. Still, since it’s a contact sport, you should make sure that you’re strong too. You should be strong enough to make quality throws and deliver powerful kicks but you should also be able to block or practically evade tackles from opposing team members.

For you to achieve physical fitness, you should go to a gym and do various forms of cardiovascular exercises plus strength training. Jogging and walking would certainly help you later on since football involves plenty of sprinting and swerving. With such, you could develop your speed and agility. Of course, through it you could also boost your blood flow within you. On the other hand, you still have to protect yourself from your competitors so strength training is a must. You should do a bit of weightlifting to help yourself enlarge your muscles. Let your arms and legs carry some free weights or through the help of machines so that you would have a physique that’s dependable and that can literally impress people who would see you. When you’d give teams the impression that you have the body that’s designed for playing football and when you can literally perform well during practice sessions or demonstrations then you may be chosen as a team member almost immediately. Remember to take note of these things prior to simply applying so that you could prove your worth later on and not end up being frustrated by being found to be unqualified.